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The Rife Team

Towards Equitable Futures

At the start of 2021, Watershed embarked on a project over a number of months titled Towards Equitable Futures

The project brought together a number of people from across Watershed and Pervasive Media Studio to create a community of hope and solidarity, and to think about practical ways to take hope-building forward . As well as including a number of experts on inclusion and futuring, the project design and delivery team also included Rife’s Adibah Iqbal. Over monthly online day-long workshops, the delivery team guided participants in safe, and slow conversation. We were inspired to envision the future we want for Watershed, for Bristol, and even for the world at large; an equitable future where access to resources, social justice, and an ethic of solidarity and love are the norm. Through engaging workshops and activities, we were challenged to think of individualised and collective roadmaps we’d need to draw and implement in order to set the scene for such a future. Asmaa Jama was one of the participants in Towards Equitable Futures, and has created artwork inspired by this programme.

Words by Furaha Asani

Artwork by Asmaa Jama 

Edited by Lucy Turner

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