Beyond Boundaries

We’re looking for great ideas which will get a broader range of people to experience and programme cinema beyond the mainstream offer. For cultural cinema to be for everyone, everywhere, we need an inclusive cultural film exhibition sector that involves everyone – but we are not there yet!

Check out the BFI’s Diversity Standards* for more context.

Jazlyn Pinckney from Come the Revolution @JonCraig_Photos

Beyond Boundaries is a rolling fund aimed at supporting people and organisations currently under-represented* in the cinema sector to:

  • originate, develop and deliver ambitious cinema events and experiences
  • come up with fresh approaches to attracting new audiences for cultural cinema beyond the mainstream.

We know that there’s no shortage of ideas and talent out there but that it can be difficult for people outside of an established organisation to access support and/or the expertise and networks to turn their ideas into reality.

Come the Revolution

We also recognise the quality and value of difference and want to support people and organisations that have interesting ideas about how to bring films to audiences and break down barriers to engagement. We are particularly (but not exclusively) interested in audience facing programmes aimed at reaching out to underserved people and communities (with a focus on disability, gender, race, age, sexual orientation as well people from lower socio-economic groups.)

Reaching out to the 16 – 30 age group is a priority for all our investments in the context of BFI2022, the BFI’s Strategy for the next four years.

We want to work with people and organisations whose ideas are in their early stages of development and will consider supporting ideas from concept to event delivery.

So if you have a great idea and feel this initiative would benefit you, please get in touch below to tell us about you and to arrange a face-to-face meeting or video chat:

Get in touch

We will collaborate with those selected to develop a bespoke responsive package of support. This may include research, ideas generation, mentoring, skills development, peer introductions for mutual support, partnership development, exposure visits as well as a budget for the development and delivery of audience facing activity.

Initiatives we have invested in so far that have inspired the creation of this rolling call include some of the individuals involved in Come The Revolution and the Queer Film Network.


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